Plant Location :
No.500﹐Wanshan S. Lane﹐Nanton District﹐Taichung City
Plant Area :
4.4 Hectares
Rated Incinerating Volume :
The rated(max.) incinerating volume is 900 metric ton/day(300 metric ton /day × 3 Incierators with the designed total heating value of 4.5×108 Kcal/day per incierator) at low heating value of 1,500Kcal/kg of the refuse.
Type of Incinerator :
NKK-Volund Dual Air Flow Type with Rotary Kiln
Constrution Period :
Work Start:january of 1992
Work Complete:
May of 1995
Total Constrution Cost :
Approx. NT$3.8B
Plant Structure :
Steel Bar Concrete Sturcture
Plant Height :
Above Ground:34.5m﹐Underground:17m.
Plant Area :
5,800 m2
Administration Building :
Steel Rebar Concrete Structure﹐Approx﹒750 m2
Above Ground floors﹐Underground:1 floor
Stack :
Steel Rebar Concrete Structure for housing of stack with 3
steel-made Flue tubes inside ay a height of 120m.

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