1. Complete burning of Refus
  For refuse with low heating value of 1.500Kcal/Kg,this incineration plant is capable
Of complete refuse the family refuse at a rated incineration amount of 900 metric tons
Per day into ashes at a temperature between 850-1050℃.

2. Prevention of Public Harm
(a) High performance bag filer is adopted for removal of fluesand dusts thus attaining to the goal for strict emission.
(b) Semi-dry scrubber equipment is utilized to remove the hydrogen chloride,and sulfide oxide. generted by inicinerating process.
(c) Waste water generated in the plant shall be recycled through complete treatment thus re-utilizing such waste water for waste gas treatment flows and for ashing.
(d) With regard to the noise﹐in addition to the use of low noise machinery equipment﹐acoustic structure shall also be adopted for the entire plant﹒

3. Efficient management and operation
Computer control shall be adopted to attain to the goal for automatic operation of the incinerator﹒When the nature of the frequent input refuse is changed﹐the stable incinerating function can also be maintained

4﹒Efficient Utilization of Residual Heat
Steam turbine generator(installtion capacity of 14.500KW) is provided﹒In addittion to supply electricity for plant use﹐the residual power can be sold to TPC﹒

5. Water Consumption Saving
wast water Treatment Equipment can properly treat the waste water generated in plant operation thus enabling such sewerage to be recycled for saving tap water consumption﹒

Specification of Major Equipment
Refuse Receiving System
Refuse Dumping Door                                          11sets
Bulk Refuse Dumping Door                                   1set
Refuse Car Scale(50 metric tons)                       2sets
Bulk refuse shears(hydraulic type)80m³/hr        1set
Refuse Crane(Gantry Type)                               2sets
Conveying Capacity:58 metric ton/hr/crane
Effective Capacity of Refuse Storage Pit:10,800 m³
Incinerating System
Input Hopper                                                                           3 sets
Incinerator                                                                               3 sets
Rated Incinerating Volume:300 metric ton/24hrs/set/low
heating rate 1,500 Kcal/Kg
Incinerating Temperature:850~1,050℃
Waste Gas Stay Time:more than 2 seconds
First Section Drying Hearth:8.79㎡                                       3sets
Second Section Drying Hearth:11.72㎡                                3sets
Combustion Second Hearth:16.12㎡                                     3sets
Post Combustion Revolving Hearth(Ø3.6m╳6.2m)           3sets
Ignition/Auxiliary Burner(each incinerator)                        3sets
Ash Treatment System
Ash slag Cooling Equipment                                                    3sets
Ash slag Conveying Equipment                                               3sets
Ash Crane(Gantry Type)                                                     1set
Conveying Capacity:10 metric ton/hr/set
Ash Storage Pit:900 m³
Ash output Scale(50 metric ton)                                           1set
Fly Ash Solidification System
Fly Ash Storage Tank                                                                1set
Auxiliary Fly Ash Storage Tank
Cement Storage Tank
Solidification Mixer                                                                  2sets
Air Waste Gas Supply System
Primary Air(3,900 m³/hr/set)                                              3sets
Secondary Air(18,000 m³/hr/set)                                        3sets
Thidr Air(8,500 m³/hr/set)                                                  3sets
Induced Drafter Fan(8,500 m³/hr/set)                                  3sets
Waste Gas Treatment System
Semi-dry type Flue washing tower+Bag Filtering Type Dust Collector+ActiveCarbon spary system+De-Mercury(Hg)adsorbent spraying equipment
Granule-like Pollutant:30mg/Nm³(6 %O2 Dry Base)
Hydrogen Chloride:25ppm
Waste Heat Recovery System
Waste Heat Boiler                                                                      3sets
(NKK Natural Circulation Type Water Tubing Boiler)
Steam Generation:25 metric ton/hr/set
Gas Turbine Generator                                                               1set
Installation Capacity:14,500KW
Steam Turbine Output Steam Condenser(Air Cool Type)     1set
Boiler Make-Up Water Treating Equipment                              2sets
Treating Capacity:100 metric ton/cycle/set
Waste Water Treatment System(Zero Effluence)              1set
Physical & Chemical Treatment+Activate Sludge Method+3-StepTreatment
De-Odor Equipment
Activate Carbon Adsorbing Tower and De-Odor Agent,Spraying Equipment         1set
Other Equipment
Emergency Generator(Output:1,200KW)                           1set
Car Washing Equipment                                                             3sets
Waste Gas Continuous Monitoring & Surveying System             3sets
Instrument Control System(Digital Type)                               3sets

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